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Thursday, 14th October 2010

What are the best websites for finding out about events in San Francisco in advance, i.e., before they take place?

PlanCast is your best bet for general events, but if you’re interested in conferences we have a growing list on

[... 48 words] 2010 Redesign: What things don’t people like about #newTwitter?

I absolutely love the improved functionality, but I don’t like the way it’s implemented as a heavy single-page JavaScript application. It’s extremely slow to load, which is a big problem for me because I habitually open new tabs with e.g. in them, and each of those tabs now takes far longer to load and show me information than old Twitter did (especially since I’ve been suffering on very slow hotel WiFi connections recently).

[... 133 words]

Who is the most recognizable person in the world (real or fictional; alive or dead)?

I’d guess Jesus, then Ronald McDonald, then Mickey Mouse.

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PostgreSQL: 5 Minutes to Binary Replication. The missing manual. # 8:23 am

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