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Saturday, 30th October 2010

A predictable web of data—the why of YQL. Christian Heilmann is moving from Yahoo! to Mozilla to head up their evangelism team, and has marked the occasion by releasing the first chapter of a proposed book on YQL. # 7:44 am

WebKit is Dropping HTML5 “popstate” Events (via) Really nasty bug with WebKit’s pushState support, discovered by Ben Cherry from Twitter. popState events get dropped if the user navigates while an outbound network request is in progress. # 7:41 am

Running Yahoo! Pipes on Google App Engine. “The pipe2py package can compile a Yahoo! Pipe into pure Python source code, or it can interpret the pipe on-the-fly”—makes smart use of Python generators, and comes with tools to run the resulting compiled code on Google App Engine. # 12:11 am

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