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Wednesday, 6th October 2010

The 100-year leap. John Graham-Cumming recounts the history of Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine and Analytical Engine, and proposes a project to build a working Analytical Engine 170 years after its invention (the machine built by the Science Museum in London is the Difference Engine).

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It might seem a folly to want to build a gigantic, relatively puny computer at great expense 170 years after its invention. But the message of a completed Analytical Engine is very clear: it’s possible to be 100 years ahead of your own time. With support, this type of “blue skies” thinking can result in fantastic changes to the lives of everyone. Just think of the impact of the computer and ask yourself how different the Victorian world would have been with Babbage Engines at its disposal.

John Graham-Cumming

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Nile Cruises: Does the “Oberoi Shehrayar” actually exist?

Yeah, that’s the site he showed us I think. I’m leaning towards “bog standard Nile Cruiser adopts confusing name to try and get ahead of the rest” as the explanation at the moment. There are 270 cruisers on the Nile, after all.

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