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Tuesday, 16th February 2010

Django Advent. I can’t believe I haven’t linked to this already—Django Advent is “a series of articles about upcoming releases of the Django web framework”. Seven have been posted so far, covering topics from 1.2 including multi-db, messages, object permissions and natural keys. # 4:06 pm

A Collection Of Redis Use Cases. Lots of interesting case studies here, collated by Mathias Meyer. Redis clearly shines for anything involving statistics or high volumes of small writes. # 3:04 pm

The magic of sub-editors. A neat illustration of how sub-editors work their magic, using the original article with strikes through the parts that were edited out. # 10:44 am

Some questions about the “blocking” of HTML5

Some background reading. I was planning to fill in answers as they arrive, but I screwed up the moderation of the comments and got flooded with detailed responses—I strongly recommend reading the comments.

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