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Thursday, 11th February 2010

An Easy Way to Make a Treemap. The second in Flowing Data’s handy series of R tutorials.

# 10:29 am / flowingdata, r, treemap, visualisations

WARNING: Google Buzz Has A Huge Privacy Flaw. Interesting one this: by default, Buzz creates a public profile for you that lists the people you follow—but your default set of followers is derived from the people you contact most frequently using Gmail. This means users of Buzz may inadvertently reveal their most frequent contacts, which is an issue for people like journalists with anonymous sources, unhappy employees seeking new work or even people having e-mail based affairs.

# 11:30 am / buzz, followers, gmail, google, privacy

HTML5 video markup, compatibility and playback. Everything you need to know about embedding HTML5 video on a page, complete with multiple codecs to cover the various supporting browsers and a fallback to Flash.

# 5:49 pm / flash, html5, niallkennedy, video

Kottke on Chatroulette. Jason Kottke: “In short, Chatroulette is pretty much the best site going on the internet right now.”

# 5:52 pm / chatroulette, jason-kottke

Elastic Search (via) Solr has competition! Like Solr, Elastic Search provides a RESTful JSON HTTP interface to Lucene. The focus here is on distribution, auto-sharding and high availability. It’s even easier to get started with than Solr, partly due to the focus on providing a schema-less document store, but it’s currently missing out on a bunch of useful Solr features (a web interface and faceting are the two that stand out). The high availability features look particularly interesting. UPDATE: I was incorrect, basic faceted queries are already supported.

# 6:33 pm / elasticsearch, http, java, json, lucene, rest, scaling, search, sharding, solr