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Wednesday, 19th August 2009

By Popular Demand, We’re Keeping the Term Extraction Service. Yahoo! aren’t shutting down the term extractor after all. On the one hand, this is a great decision—but this kind of back and forth (dare I say flip-flopping?) really doesn’t help encourage people to build against hosted APIs. # 11:44 am

How to find un-indexed queries in MySQL, without using the log (via) Use tcpdump(!) to sniff the MySQL protocol and dump out queries that had the “no index used” bit set. # 11:42 am

easy_install no longer working with SourceForge-hosted projects? Unsurprising, since installation software (which is often run as root) that crawls the web and scrapes HTML pages for download links is a horrible, horrible idea. # 11:38 am

Kung Fu People (via) The first site to launch based on the open source Django code from! # 11:37 am

JavaScript cannot save you. Even if it could, you should not let it, for the price of this short-term salvation is the end of what you like about the web.

Alex Russell # 11:33 am

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