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Wednesday, 26th August 2009

Introducing Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Amazon now let you create a network of private EC2 instances completely isolated from the internet and the rest of the EC2 cloud, then link them back to your home network via a VPN.

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Static Maps API v2. The new version of the Google Static Maps API (static images generated using arguments in a URL, no JavaScript required) adds support for paths, areas and automatically geocoding addresses to specify locations of markers and the centre of the map.

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Tile Drawer (via) The most inspired use of EC2 I’ve seen yet: center a map on an area, pick a Cascadenik stylesheet URL (or write and link to your own) and Tile Drawer gives you an Amazon EC2 AMI and a short JSON snippet. Launch the AMI with the JSON as the “user data” parameter and you get your own OpenStreetMap tile rendering server, which self-configures on startup and starts rendering and serving tiles using your custom design.

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“MongoDB is fantastic for logging”. Sounds tempting... high performance inserts, JSON structured records and capped collections if you only want to keep the past X entries. If you care about older historic data but still want to preserve space you could run periodic jobs to roll up log entries in to summarised records. It shouldn’t be too hard to write a command-line script that hooks in to Apache’s logging directive and writes records to MongoDB.

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