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Wednesday, 1st April 2009

Continuous deployment in 5 easy steps. A classic case of a number in a title making the article look less interesting than it actually is. Lots of interesting information here from IMVU’s Eric Ries. # 12:25 am

How to use Django with Apache and mod_wsgi. My favourite deployment option is now included in the official Django docs, thanks to Alex Gaynor. I tend to run a stripped down Apache with mod_wsgi behind an nginx proxy, and have nginx serve static files directly. This avoids the need for a completely separate media server (although a separate media domain is still a good idea for better client-side performance). # 12:24 am

Dojo 1.3 now available. Looks like an excellent release. dojo.create is particularly nice—I’d be interested to know why something similar has never shipped with jQuery (presumably there’s a reason) as it feels a lot more elegant than gluing together an HTML-style string. Also interesting: you can swap between Dojo’s Acme selector engine and John Resig’s sizzle. # 12:19 am