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Sunday, 5th April 2009

Ext Core 3.0 Beta Released. The Ext JavaScript team have just released the core library (similar to jQuery or Prototype) under an MIT license. The rich GUI elements that go on top are still under the GPL. # 8:17 pm

Mending The Bitter Absence of Reasoned Technical Discussion. Not at all surprised to see Alex Payne write this considering the low quality of discussion around anything technical to do with Twitter. # 7:59 pm

Almost Perfect (via) W. E. Peterson’s book on the rise and fall of WordPerfect Corporation, originally published in 1994 and now available for free online. # 7:30 pm

UK Television Series Map. Inspired by the US sitcom map, Meg Pickard is plotting TV series on a map of the UK. # 7:25 pm