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Thursday, 18th October 2007

MyOpenID adds Information Card Support. First client SSL certificates, now Information Cards. MyOpenID is certainly taking browser-based phishing solutions seriously. # 9:10 pm

Radiohead Album Available for Free, But Fileshared Anyway. “Why are some people getting In Rainbows from P2P rather than the band’s site? Probably because they find P2P easier to use.” # 5:39 pm

Historically, Internet companies have rarely encrypted passwords to aid customer service.

Fasthosts # 5:27 pm

Infowar: strike early, strike often. “The study found that the American participants’ belief in the truth of an initial news report was not affected by knowledge of its subsequent retraction. In contrast, knowing about a retraction was likely to significantly reduce belief in the initial report for Germans and Australians.” # 12 pm

Http-https transitions and relative URLs. Finally, a reason to use those weird protocol-relative URLs (// and the like). # 11:57 am