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Tuesday, 1st August 2006

LUG Radio Live and Ask Later

I attended two grassroots technology events in the past two weeks: LUG Radio Live 2006 and London Ask Later (previously known as Techa Kucha night, name changed after some emails from the holders of the UK Pecha Kucha trademark). Both were excellent events in their own right, and great examples of event organisation done on a small to non-existent budget.

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Blowing up paint. More on that new Bravia ad, including a video. # 10:13 pm

Proposed RFC for application/json (via) Douglas Crockford is putting JSON through the IETF. # 9:29 pm

Infovore: An entirely bilingual site, powered by Ruby on Rails. # 9:22 pm

XMLHttpRequests using an IFrame Proxy (via) Another scary hack abstracted away by Dojo. # 5:40 pm

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