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Tuesday, 8th August 2006

New Media Hack on YDN Python Center. Recommends pycurl—I have to admit I hadn’t looked at that. # 11:29 pm

Gina Ford vs the Web. “I’ll sue you! I’ll sue you in England!” # 10:21 pm

Mark Shuttleworth: Jono Bacon steps up. Jono is the new community manager for Ubuntu. Awesome. # 9:35 pm

Unicode strings to ASCII ...nicely. Uses unicodedata.normalize to filter out accents. # 9:13 pm

YDN Python Developer Center. Launched today: tips and tutorials on accessing Yahoo! Web services from Python. # 8:57 pm

The YDN Python Developer Center

I recently had the opportunity to put together the Python Developer Center for the Yahoo! Developer Network. YDN is one of my favourite parts of Yahoo! so I jumped at the chance, and the resulting mini-site is now online (YDN blog post here).

[... 235 words]

Using the Python for Series 60 Bluetooth Console from OS X. Not entirely straight forward. # 5:32 pm

ModelViewController.mp3 (warning: singing). It’s the Model View Controller song! # 11:04 am

Darwin Calendar Server. Apple’s open source CalDAV server is written in Python. # 8:25 am

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