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Thursday, 10th August 2006

zefrank: don’t be afraid. Terrorists levarage our inability to understand risk. # 11:11 pm

Hot PHP UTF-8 tips. Always good to have. # 7:32 pm

Rails 1.1.6, backports, and full disclosure. Fixes a left over problem from 1.1.5. # 7:20 pm

upcalendar. Aaron’s Python S60 app for syncing Upcoming with your phone. # 5:36 pm

Release: Unobtrusive Javascript For Rails 0.2. RJS kind of sucks. This looks like it doesn’t. # 4:30 pm

Schneier on Security: New Airline Security Rules. “I’m sure glad I’m not flying anywhere this week” says Bruce. Now I wish I wasn’t! # 4:26 pm

On the total nondisclosure of the 8/9/06 [Rails] security vulnerability. The best argument I’ve seen in favour of full disclosure. # 2:53 pm

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