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Friday, 18th August 2006

Mapping the Roads, One Off-Ramp at a Time Page. How those GPS mapping trucks work. # 9:25 pm

Parsing XML can open network sockets (via) Yikes. Something to bare in mind. # 2:27 pm

[xsl] Replace newline characters(\n) with <br>. This is why I’m not a fan of XSLT for templating. # 10:26 am

If It’s Not Nailed Down, Steal It. Pattern Matching, S-Expressions, and Domain Specific Languages in Ruby. # 10:18 am

DateBocks—Intuitive Date Input Selection. A better version of my better date input script, packaged as a Rails Engine. # 10:03 am

The Auto-Admin Ecosystem. Streamlined developer’s roundup of alternatives. # 9:51 am

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