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Tuesday, 8th February 2005

Outsourcing Torture. This left me sick to my stomach. # 6:40 pm

UK Diaries I: Hail Britannia. Britain from an American’s point of view. # 2:43 pm

Google Maps and XSL

I’ll probably write more on this later, but it seems that Google Maps is using XSL. I spotted it loading the following pages while sniffing its activity with LiveHTTPHeaders:

[... 174 words]

Why Craigslist Works, by Craig. A ChangeThis manifesto. # 12:59 pm

IDN and homographs spoofing (via) Good coverage of the related specs. # 12:17 pm

Maps released. Google Maps Safari support is being worked on. # 12:03 pm

Secure wireless email on Mac OS X. Doug Bowman’s tutorial on SSH Tunnel Manager and wireless security. # 11:20 am

Google Blog: Get the picture. Image search results now sometimes appear along side regular searches. # 10:49 am

Google Maps (via) Very slick, but sadly non functional for Safari uses. # 10:49 am

Nasty Firefox vulnerability and Double Standards. In which I am accused of hypocrisy (response in the comments). # 10:44 am