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Thursday, 17th February 2005

Did he mention workflow? A beautiful response to jwz’s groupware rant. # 11:10 pm

Press release spam is the new comment spam. “SEO Showdown: Real Results vs. the Straw Man” # 11:03 pm

Do Content Management Systems really work?

Have you considered trying a Wiki? In my experience, the more permissions / workflow / etc you have in a CMS the more likely it is that people won’t use it. Wikis may be a little unconventional but the barrier to entry is fantastically low and they can work extremely well (I like MediaWiki or TaviWiki myself).

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Announcing WordPress 1.5 (via) The new features look awesome. I’m considering switching very soon. # 10:14 pm

Google Maps Live (via) Firefox extension for tracking latitude/longitude data fed to a socket in real time on Google Maps. # 8:31 pm

A parent’s primer to computer slang (via) According to MS, “pwn” is a leet word possibly indicating illegal activity. # 9:27 am