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Tuesday, 1st February 2005

mini Tower (via) Here come the accessories.

# 1:02 pm I hadn’t seen this one before.

# 1:04 pm

Build Your Own PVR (for free) with HackTV (via) You also need a digital camcorder with a video pass-through option.

# 1:12 pm

Apple restricting DVD region-changes -- voluntarily! As a UK owner of a US PowerBook I ended up having to hack my firmware.

# 4:50 pm

Installing OS X on a PC (via) Using the open source PearPC emulator.

# 6:33 pm

MSN Search: spam like it’s 1999. Phil spots some nasty holes in their ranking algorithms.

# 6:36 pm

New Blog Gets Big Bucks; Popular Blog Goes on Hiatus;. Crikey: Sony are sponsoring that new LifeHacker blog to the tune of $25,000 a month!

# 9:34 pm

The BBC’s new complaints site launches. Roll up, roll up. “It seems we live in an age when technology amplifies our strength of our voices but not always the quality of what we say.”

# 11:36 pm

PanicGoods (via) Slick interface, but bad accessibility (no fallback if JavaScript is disabled).

# 11:43 pm

Introducing the Panic Goods store! Some background details.

# 11:45 pm