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Sunday, 6th February 2005

PyRSS2Gen. I’ve been using this for a number of personal feeds. # 10:23 pm

Bootstrapping a Corporate Wiki (via) Tips from personal experience. # 10:23 pm

How I entered the hellish world of Guantanamo Bay. Martin Mubanga talks to the Observer. # 8:40 pm

Unrest in Belize (via) Original reporting scoop on Wikinews. # 7:29 pm

The Invisible Train (via) A Handheld Augmented Reality Game. # 5:05 pm

Augmented Reality: A New Way of Seeing (via) From Scientific American. # 5:04 pm

Clever use of Python’s complex number type. Using the complex number type to solve linear equations. # 4:26 pm

NewsFire 1.0 (via) $19.99—NetNewsWire finally has some stylish competition. # 4:23 pm

Total Immersions D’Fusion Technology (via) Awesomely impressive augmented reality video (Windows Media, unfortunately). # 9:28 am