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Friday, 13th August 2004

Amendment No. 7 to Form S-1 (via) aka the Google Playboy interview, made public by the SEC. # 11:34 pm

Job Vacancy: Web Developer (in Bristol). An opportunity for a recent graduate. # 5:52 pm

6. Writing programs to use Aspell. Full documentation of Aspell’s pipe based API. # 5:35 pm

Python Cookbook : spell checking. And here’s how to do it (“ispell -a” worked for me). # 5:35 pm

8 quick ways to fix your search engine. Suggesting the correct spelling of search terms is a good idea. # 5:34 pm

Jon Udell: Pub/sub, tags, and human filters. Maybe style labels scale better than I thought. # 5:34 pm

BBC begins open-source streaming challenge (via) Hopefully this means video on the web will suck less. # 5:21 pm

This Year’s Document Object Model. Jeremy Keith says that the DOM is the new CSS. # 3:57 pm

Firefox spoof demonstration (via) Scary spoofing attack using XUL. # 3:56 pm

Dynamic Tools for Dynamic Languages (via) Redefining scripting languages to reflect their wider appeal. # 3:55 pm

Position This! CSS Positioning Demystified. Molly’s latest. # 3:45 pm

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