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Tuesday, 31st August 2004

Alex Halavais: The Isuzu Experiment (via) 13 deliberate errors introduced to Wikipedia; every single one spotted within hours.

# 2:50 am

Shitcanned (via) I just cancelled my Friendster account.

# 6:19 am

Clueless newbie award: Scott Sassa of Friendster. Commentary on the Friendster firing fuck up.

# 6:19 am

A Business Information Publication Standard and Google’s Power to Make It Happen. Sigh. Another piece of robots.txt style namespace pollution.

# 6:20 am

Sub Pop Records: The Postal Service. Includes a great streaming video of a live performance at a radio station.

# 6:21 am

Keith Devens: Testing PRG. The POST-redirect-GET pattern for avoiding form resubmissions.

# 6:30 am

Morbid Tendencies: Bunny Of The Month Club. Pretty freakin’ cool.

# 6:31 am

Garden State—Zach Braff Blog. Another celebrity blog. I thoroughly enjoyed this film over the weekend.

# 6:31 am

Candygram (via) Erlang concurrency primitives in Python. May hurt your brain.

# 6:32 am

Unleashing memes with Context Specific Mirroring. Ben Hammersley suggests an Atom-to-webform bridge for popular sites.

# 3:04 pm

Download Skype for Mac OS X (via) Finally!

# 3:26 pm

Embittered generals. Daniel Glazman on innovation outside the W3C.

# 3:40 pm

State Machines. Eric Dobbs’ extensive series on state machines.

# 3:56 pm

Perl state machine to scrape HTML. Great working example of a state machine in action.

# 3:57 pm

XML-RPC in JavaScript. Opens up some interesting remote scripting possibilities.

# 3:58 pm

Creating Rich Applications with Mozilla, XUL, and AMP Technology (via) Slideshow in XUL: Mozilla browser required.

# 3:59 pm

My impressions of the iMac G5. Russell Beattie entertains.

# 9:52 pm

New Design is Live (via) Very nice.

# 11:29 pm

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