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Monday, 9th August 2004

Sudan: The Passion of the Present. Blog covering the crisis in Sudan. # 7:27 pm

Social networking sites: a postmortem. “... they introduce awkward social situations that did not otherwise exist, or were at least far less explicit.” # 4:53 pm

Tragedy of the network commons. It’s not just BugMeNot: 75% of Dartmouth college students share passwords as well. # 3:38 pm

August Nine. Today is the anniversary of the atomic bomb attack on Nagasaki. # 3:37 pm

First look at MSN blogs. Phil Ringnalda investigates Microsoft’s first blog application, flames their terrible HTML. # 2:58 am

Duct Tape (via) Glen Murphy of fame gets in to Doom 3 mods. # 2:50 am

Quantum Sleeper (via) Truly bizarre safe-room-as-a-bed thing. # 2:46 am

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