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Thursday, 12th August 2004

Woeful Circulations for Digital Editions. PDF versions of newspapers are a flop.

# 11:22 pm

Making the Jump to Subversion (via) Excellent tutorial from

# 10:36 pm / subversion

Practical SAX Notes. Making more sense of Python’s XML modules.

# 10:36 pm

Building Web Services the REST Way. A good brief introduction.

# 10:32 pm

Implementing REST Web Services: Best Practices and Guidelines. All the cool kids are doing it now.

# 10:24 pm

Mozilla and XForms. Matt May on XForms in Mozilla.

# 10:24 pm

The Python Paradox (via) Short but sweet.

# 10:04 pm

MS Windows/IE Bug. Crashing a PC using an over-sized image tag.

# 7:01 pm

Jon Udell: Jon is doing some interesting things with the tagging system.

# 5:03 pm

Johansen breaks AirPort Express encryption (via) DVD Jon strikes again.

# 5 pm

The anatomy of a smear campaign (via) Fascinating insight in to the political process.

# 4:05 pm

She Said Yes ! Scott Johnson is getting married. Congratulations!

# 3:49 pm

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