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Thursday, 26th August 2004

Roger Avary: It’s bogus (via) More on the fake Tarantino blog. # 8:06 pm

Tarantino’s ’Casino’ Blog a Hoax (via) If it’s a hoax, it’s a damn good one. # 8:04 pm

QT’s Diary (via) Yes, it really is Quentin Tarantino, and he really has a blog. # 6:35 am

1000th Blogmark

I just posted my 1000th blogmark. I can’t emphasize enough how much of an impact this 15 minute hack has had on both my browsing and my blogging habits. While I still tend to leave browser windows open for days at a time, I now at least have a procedure for getting rid of the ones that still interest me. More importantly, having blogmarks has eliminated the temptation to write a full blog entry (with quotation) just to share a link. This has dramatically reduced my posting rate, but has meant that when I do post an entry I usually have something moderately interesting to say.

[... 181 words]

Alleviate RSI the Hacker Way (via) Jono Bacon takes on RSI. I’ve been using AntiRSI for a few months now. # 12:23 am

Apache Module Idea: mod_ping. Smart thinking. # 12:16 am

The Colors! The OS X colour picker is way more powerful than I had realised. # 12:13 am

Latest WSGI Draft. The Python Web-SIG are working on a PEP. # 12:13 am

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