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24th November 2003

This entry was going to be another list of links, together with a note about how much I really needed to set up a separate link blog. Then I realised that it would make more sense just to set one up so that’s exactly what I’ve done. I still need to implement the archive but it’s getting dark so I’m posting this and heading home.

My main points of inspiration were Paul Hammond’s bookmark store, Mark Pilgrim’s b-links, Anil Dash’s Daily Links and Jason Kottke’s Remaindered Links. Since there didn’t seem to be any naming convention I decided to call them blogmarks, which isn’t a new term but doesn’t seem to have a widely accepted meaning yet either.

The system is powered by a simple bookmarklet. To make things a little more interesting I’m capturing the referral information and using it to automatically generate the ’via’ link; since the title of the previous page isn’t available in Javascript I extract is using a server side script instead. I swayed briefly between using page extracts a la Hammond or sarcastic commentary a la Pilgrim and decided that commentary would be far more fun.

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