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1000th Blogmark

26th August 2004

I just posted my 1000th blogmark. I can’t emphasize enough how much of an impact this 15 minute hack has had on both my browsing and my blogging habits. While I still tend to leave browser windows open for days at a time, I now at least have a procedure for getting rid of the ones that still interest me. More importantly, having blogmarks has eliminated the temptation to write a full blog entry (with quotation) just to share a link. This has dramatically reduced my posting rate, but has meant that when I do post an entry I usually have something moderately interesting to say.

To celebrate this personal milestone, I’ve linked up the rudimentary LIKE query search engine I’ve been using for a while on the blogmarks index page. My long term aim is still to integrate them with my main content and add comments in the style of photomatt, but that would require more time spent hacking on my blogging system (or switching to WordPress) than I have to spend right now.

This is 1000th Blogmark by Simon Willison, posted on 26th August 2004.

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