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Monday, 5th August 2002

Stuart gets slashdotted

Congratulations Stuart on getting slashdotted. How’s the server holding out?

Impressive CSS

Take a look at this page in Mozilla, view the source code and ask yourself “how on earth did he do that?”. It appears to involve very creative use of borders, possibly relating to the fact that a single border in CSS (at least in Mozilla and presumably in IE5/Mac as well) is actually a trapezium, not a line. Tantek Çelik was the project lead for IE 5 for the Mac (and the creator of both the Box Model hack and the High Pass Filter) so general CSS wizardry is to be expected.

So it does have a use after all

text-decoration: blink spotted in the wild!. Seeing as Hixie so eloquently argued for its inclusion in Mozilla in the first place it’s nice to see this most vital of CSS properties being put to some use.

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