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Tuesday, 6th August 2002


The W3C have published a working draught of XHTML 2.0. Since the Changes from XHTML 1.1 pages doesn’t appear to have been written yet, here are a few of the most notable differences I’ve spotted so far:

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Top IRC quotes

A fundamental law of the internet is that no IRC quote is ever funny when posted on a web site. The QDB Top 50 Quotes (via Ordinary Life) must by the exception that proves the rule:

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More on XHTML

A few more notes on XHTML 2.0. Tom Gilder (who incidentally has written an excellent series of tips on accessible scripting) has pointed out that the <dfn> tag is part of HTML4 and corrected my spelling of draft as well :) Meanwhile, a post by Shane P. McCarron to XHTML-L has highlighted a few more interesting points—<applet> is out (in favour of <object>, XMLEvents are in to replace the current event model and the href attribute can now be used on pretty much anything to turn it in to a link. Strangely XLink is not mentioned in the specification.

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More CSS

Two more interesting CSS demonstrations—Bullet proof rounded corners and Breadcrumb nested lists. The rounded corners technique is very impressive—it solves a common CSS problem in a way that is durable, cross browser and, well, bullet proof. However, as Mark Pilgrim points out:

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