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Friday, 2nd August 2002

Ooh a mystery...

I hate to be mysterious, but I have two very exciting projects in the pipe line. I don’t even know yet if they will make it to production, but if they do they could be very cool indeed.

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W3C recommendations explained

Confused about the difference between W3C Notes, Working Drafts, Candidate Recommendations, Public Recommendations and normal Recommendations? So was I, until I found this handy list of definitions on the official site.

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Using CVS

Harry Fuecks on SitePoint: Harness the Power of CVS for Your Site. I’ve been wanting to get in to CVS for quite a while but I’ve been put off by the lack of a good “getting started” guide. Harry’s tutorial is everything I’ve been looking for—it explains concepts and terminology, describes when you would want to use CVS and shows exactly how to use it on a Windows machine.

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Don’t expect to hear much from me for a while

My Amazon order has arrived.

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