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6th August 2002

The W3C have published a working draught of XHTML 2.0. Since the Changes from XHTML 1.1 pages doesn’t appear to have been written yet, here are a few of the most notable differences I’ve spotted so far:

  • Lots of new tags, including <dfn> for inline definitions (similar to <acronym> but even more useful) and <section> for defining logical sections in conjunction with a new structural <h> tag.
  • Navigation Lists!
  • Forms are being replaced with XForms.
  • Goodbye <img> tag! It looks like we’ll be using <object> instead.

Unfortunately with the amount of time it takes for browser manufacturers to implement even simple specifications it could be years before we can start using these improvements.

This is XHTML 2 by Simon Willison, posted on 6th August 2002.

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