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Sunday, 5th November 2023

One of my fav early Stripe rules was from incident response comms: do not publicly blame an upstream provider. We chose the provider, so own the results—and use any pain from that as extra motivation to invest in redundant services, go direct to the source, etc.

Michael Schade # 10:53 pm

See the History of a Method with git log -L (via) Neat Git trick from Caleb Hearth that I hadn’t seen before, and it works for Python out of the box:

git log -L

That command displays a log (with diffs) of just the portion of commits that changed the path_with_format function in the file. # 8:16 pm

Stripe: Online migrations at scale (via) This 2017 blog entry from Jacqueline Xu at Stripe provides a very clear description of the “dual writes” pattern for applying complex data migrations without downtime: dual write to new and old tables, update the read paths, update the write paths and finally remove the now obsolete data—illustrated with an example of upgrading customers from having a single to multiple subscriptions. # 4:06 pm

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