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Wednesday, 1st November 2023

Tracking SQLite Database Changes in Git (via) A neat trick from Garrit Franke that I hadn’t seen before: you can teach “git diff” how to display human readable versions of the differences between binary files with a specific extension using the following:

git config diff.sqlite3.binary true
git config diff.sqlite3.textconv “echo .dump | sqlite3”

That way you can store binary files in your repo but still get back SQL diffs to compare them.

I still worry about the efficiency of storing binary files in Git, since I expect multiple versions of a text text file to compress together better. # 6:53 pm

SQLite 3.44: Interactive release notes. Anton Zhiyanov compiled interactive release notes for the new release of SQLite, demonstrating several of the new features. I’m most excited about order by in aggregates—group_concat(name order by name desc)—which is something I’ve wanted in the past. Anton demonstrates how it works with JSON aggregate functions as well. The new date formatting options look useful as well. # 3:47 pm

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