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Saturday, 11th November 2023

ChatGPT: Dejargonizer. I built a custom GPT. Paste in some text with unknown jargon or acronyms and it will try to guess the context and give you back an explanation of each term. # 10:17 pm

Did you ever wonder why the 21st century feels like we’re living in a bad cyberpunk novel from the 1980s?

It’s because these guys read those cyberpunk novels and mistook a dystopia for a road map. They’re rich enough to bend reality to reflect their desires. But we’re [sci-fi authors] not futurists, we’re entertainers! We like to spin yarns about the Torment Nexus because it’s a cool setting for a noir detective story, not because we think Mark Zuckerberg or Andreesen Horowitz should actually pump several billion dollars into creating it.

Charles Stross # 1:09 am

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