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Monday, 5th June 2023

If you give feedback that isn’t constructive your feedback is worthless. I know that sounds harsh but it is. If you give unconstructive feedback you might as well not be saying anything. If you just look at something and go “That’s stupid” or “I don’t like that”—that’s worthless feedback, nobody can do anything with that. They’re not going to start throwing darts against the wall until you say “Oh OK, I like that”. You have to say something more.

Timothy Cain # 4:58 pm

Logan Kilpatrick (OpenAI). “The API does not just change without us telling you. The models are static there.”

That’s the official line on the ongoing questions concerning whether OpenAI’s models have been degrading in quality over the last few weeks and months.

Worth noting that this mentions the API but doesn’t mention ChatGPT itself, which I suspect gets model updates a lot more frequently than the models served through the API. # 3:49 pm

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