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Saturday, 28th October 2017

How to teach technical concepts with cartoons. Julia Evans: “This post is about a few patterns I use when illustrating ideas about computers. If you are interested in using drawings to teach people about your very favorite computer topics, hopefully this will help you!” # 2:55 pm

profiling. “An interactive continuous Python profiler”. This is really neat—simply run “profiling” to get an interactive, navigable console-based profile inspector at the end of your script... or run “profiling live-profile” to see a live, updating profile of a long-running process. Has options for statistical profiling as well, which has a much lower overhead in exchange for a less accurate view of what is going on. # 1:06 am

Benefit of TEXT with CHECK over VARCHAR(X) in PostgreSQL. Brandur suggests using email TEXT CHECK (char_length(email) <= 255) to define a column with a length limit in PostgreSQL over VARCHAR(255) because TEXT and VARCHAR are equally performant but a CHECK length can be changed later on without locking the table, whereas a VARCHAR requires an ALTER TABLE with an exclusive lock. # 12:59 am