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Monday, 23rd October 2017

hupper (via) Handy Python module for adding “live reload” development support to just about anything. I’m using it with Sanic—I run “hupper -m app” and it starts up my code in and automatically reloads it any time any of the corresponding files changes on disk.

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Can You Afford It?: Real-world Web Performance Budgets. Alex Russell’s magnum opus on web performance budgets in 2017. He proposes a baseline testing device equivalent to a $200 Android phone on a slow 3G network emulated at 400ms RTT/400Kbps transfer and encourages a goal of 5s time-to-interactive on first load and 2s TTI for subsequent views. This means around 130kb of gzipped JavaScript—challenging but not impossible with modern JavaScript frameworks.

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Getting Your First 10 Customers (via) There is so much good advice embedded in this article by Patrick McKenzie, and it constantly comes back to the theme of doing whatever it takes to get to your first ten paying customers.

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We made a sale for Appointment Reminder from someone whose only way of getting data into the system was to fax it to us. Guess the cheat. If you guess "CEO signs up for HelloFax, receives the fax, and types 600 patient names and phone numbers by hand" you have good instincts.

Patrick McKenzie

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