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Monday, 9th September 2013

Should a beginner to web development start out with Node.Js?

Maybe. One of the things I like about Node.js is that the raw abstraction it provides over HTTP is much closer to how the actual protocol works than the abstractions provided many of the more widely used frameworks such as PHP, Django or Rails. That might actually make it an effective learning tool—I’d be interested in hearing from some web developers who learnt Node.js as their first server-side technology.

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Which tools top technology companies use to create complex web pages e.g Amazon Home Page, Facebook etc? Do they create it manually or use some tool like Dreamweaver ?

The code (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) will be written by hand, usually by a large team of people who have evolved it over several years. They’ll be working with some kind of server-side technology as well, usually involving a templating language.

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What are some resources to read when designing a new client-server application layer protocol?

I suggest avoiding designing a custom protocol and using Protocol Buffers, Apache Thrift or Cap’n Proto instead.

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What is the best way to choose between two equally feasible start-up ideas?

Which one is most likely to still be exciting to you in five years time?

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