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Monday, 2nd September 2013

What are good ways to rewrite a social network and still keep old users?

Don’t rewrite. If you’re going for a major overhaul, do it in as many small steps as possible. Massive rewrites are a great way to completely kill all forward motion on your product.

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How is a dictionary (key value) related to a hash?

The following terms describe essentially the same data structure across a number of different languages:

  • A Perl hash
  • A Ruby hash
  • A Python dictionary
  • A Java Map (an interface used by HashMap and others)
  • A Lua table
  • A JavaScript object (if you ignore object prototypes)

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How do I quit the startup I founded without causing too much fallout?

Have you discussed your situation with your investors? They are likely to strongly prefer you taking a larger salary than stepping down or taking on consulting work.

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