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Tuesday, 13th May 2008

Session variables without cookies. Brilliant but terrifying hack—you can store up to 2 MB of data in and it persists between multiple pages, even across domains. Doesn’t work with new tabs though, and storing JSON in it and eval()ing it is a bad idea—a malicious site could populate it before sending the user to you. # 9:59 pm

Graffletopia. Huge collection of free OmniGraffle stencils. # 5:58 pm

Django admin OmniGraffle stencil. Alex Lee put together a beautiful stencil for OmniGraffle containing all of the common UI elements seen in the Django admin interface, as a tool for wireframing. # 5:58 pm

Hey Google: any chance we can all build the social web together without requiring JavaScript?

Me # 1:49 pm

Persevere adds Comet Support. Persevere sounds neat: a RESTful HTTP/JSON data store (the interface reminds me of CouchDB) which recently gained the ability to “subscribe” to a resource and receive notifications of updates via comet. # 8:09 am

django-db-log. Middleware that logs Django exceptions to the database, using a clever scheme based on an MD5 of the traceback text to group duplicate errors in to batches. # 8:07 am

Something you had, Something you forgot, Something you were

Nick Mathewson # 8:06 am

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