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Wednesday, 28th May 2008

Google Earth in a browser (sort of), Scriptable, a quick peek and poke. Dan Catt on Google’s new browser plugin version of Google Earth... which conveniently exposes a JavaScript API to the browser in the form of the “ge” object, which can then be poked at interactively using Firebug.

# 11:13 pm / dan-catt, firebug, google, google-earth, javascript

Using Memcache with Google App Engine. Brad Fitzpatrick’s 20% time project.

# 11:11 pm / brad-fitzpatrick, google, googleappengine, memcache

OpenID phishing demo (via) A demonstration of the OpenID man-in-the-middle phishing attack. OpenIDs are immune to this particular variant due to the landing page not asking for your password (the phishing site could still provide their own redesigned landing page and hope users don’t notice though).

# 8:09 am / idproxy, openid, phishing, security

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