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Monday, 12th May 2008

Yahoo! Internet Location Platform. As an ex-Yahoo! this is really exciting—WhereOnEarth (a London company acquired by Yahoo! in 2005) provide the incredibly detailed geographical data used by Flickr, Upcoming and FireEagle—and now it’s available as an external API. # 9:02 pm

Airship Ventures (via) New startup providing tours of Silicon Valley in a frickin’ Zeppelin. Strangely enough I’ve been complaining about the lack of Zeppelins over Silicon Valley for several years. Really. # 6:41 pm

Beanstalkd. This is the light-weight cross-language queue I’ve been waiting for. Similar to Starling but your workers don’t need to poll for new jobs; you can call the blocking “reserve” call instead. # 9:12 am

I think there’s a great danger that, as a result of framing the current opportunity around “data portability”, the story that will get picked up and retold will be the about copying data between social networks, rather than the more compelling, more future-facing, and frankly more likely situation of data streaming from trusted brokered sources to downstream authorized consumers.

Chris Messina # 8:13 am

Python with a modular IDE (Vim). Great tips—I’d use these if I wasn’t still scarred from the time vim encrypted my file instead of saving it because I had caps lock on by mistake. # 7:09 am

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