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Friday, 8th February 2008

PrinceXML is extremely impressive. I had a poke at Prince (a commercial package for generating high quality PDFs from HTML, XML, CSS and SVG) a few weeks ago and was similarly impressed. # 12:02 pm

mydeco. Major new Django-powered start-up has launched, based in London. # 11:43 am

django-openid—browse. Hooray! Google Code finally has a decent Subversion browser. # 11:41 am

A proposal: email to URL mapping. Brad’s just too damn smart. A simple solution to mapping an e-mail address to an OpenID that takes advantage of existing technology (YADIS) and doesn’t adversely affect e-mail privacy. # 11:39 am

querySelector and querySelectorAll. WebKit now supports the W3C Selectors API. Expect the various JavaScript libraries to add this as an optimisation to achieve massive speedups (Prototype are already working on it). # 11:21 am Kansas Democratic Presidential Caucuses (via) The most beautiful election results page I’ve ever seen. Love the typography and the Google Charts integration. # 11:17 am

Django San Diego. A real-life meeting of Django developers in San Diego, as a direct result of profiles on Victory! # 10:20 am

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