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Sunday, 10th February 2008

jQuery 1.2 Cheat Sheet. Handy. It helps that most of jQuery’s method names are pretty much self explanatory once you’ve been using the library for a couple of weeks.

# 9:12 pm / cheatsheet, gscottolson, javascript, jquery

Event Delegation Made Easy. Dan Webb demonstrates a neat trick for event delegation in jQuery, using CSS selectors and the jQuery .is() method to dispatch to different callbacks from a single event handler based on the target of the event.

# 3:13 pm / dan-webb, delegation, eventdelegation, javascript, jquery

Transitioning from Java Classes to JavaScript Prototypes. Peter Michaux shows how JavaScript’s prototypal inheritance can run rings around traditional Java-style classes once you figure out how to take advantage of it.

# 3:10 pm / classes, inheritance, java, javascript, pete-michaux, prototypalinheritance

Cross-Window Messaging. Now in Firefox 3 trunk, the HTML 5 specified ability for JavaScript to send messages between windows (or iframes) hosted on different domains. Fantastically powerful, but must be implemented with care to avoid accidentally processing bad messages from malicious third parties.

# 12 pm / crosswindowmessaging, firefox, firefox3, html5, javascript, john-resig Launch. The Maneater’s online edition is where Adrian cut his web development teeth, so it’s great to see them up and running on Django. Important to note that KeepAlive can completely murder Apache/Django performance.

# 8:10 am / adrian-holovaty, apache, django, keepalive, themaneater

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