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Monday, 22nd December 2008

Sam Vilain converted Perl’s history from Perforce to Git. [..] He spent more than a year building custom tools to transform 21 years of Perl history into the first ever unified repository of every single change to Perl. In addition to changes from Perforce, Sam patched together a comprehensive view of Perl’s history incorporating publicly available snapshot releases, changes from historical mailing list archives and patch sets recovered from the hard drives of previous Perl release engineers.

The Perl Foundation # 6:06 pm

pygooglechart. I tried a bunch of Python wrappers for Google Charts and liked this one best. # 11:43 am

Motorway map of England, Scotland and Wales (via) In the style of Harry Beck’s London Tube map. # 11:36 am

jQuery changeset 5985 (via) jQuery trunk has ditched browser sniffing in favour of feature testing, where a small suite of unit-test-like code blocks is used to detect whether a browser supports specific idioms. If the tests fail jQuery still makes assumptions about what the fix is, but it’s not hard to imagine the library eventually using code tests to ensure the fix will work as well. # 10:58 am

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