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Saturday, 6th December 2008

How I Use TextMate. “Ack in Project” is a brilliant replacement for TextMate’s disappointing single threaded “Find in Project” feature. # 10:32 am

I don’t think that Python 3.0 is a bad thing. But that it’s displayed so prominently on the Python web site, without any kind of warning that it’s not going to work with 99% of the Python code out there, scares the hell out of me. People are going to download and install 3.0 by default, and nothing’s going to work. They’re going to complain, and many are going to simply walk away.

Christopher Lenz # 10 am

pyquery. “A jQuery-like library for Python”—implemented on top of lxml, providing jQuery style methods for manipulating an HTML or XML document. # 9:53 am

Warcraft account security. Apparently Blizzard have been selling two factor authentication key fobs for World of Warcraft for about six months. # 9:52 am

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