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Saturday, 19th April 2008

Embedding custom non-visible data in HTML 5. “Every HTML element may have any number of attributes starting with the string ’data-’ specified, with any value.”—this will be incredibly useful for unobtrusive JavaScript where there’s no sensible place to store configuration data as HTML content. It will also mean Dojo has an approved method for adding custom attributes to declaratively instantiate Dojo widgets. # 10:58 pm

JavaScript: The Good Parts. Douglas Crockford’s soon-to-be-published book on the subset of JavaScript that he recommends. Promises to be “short, but dense”—if it’s half as good as his JavaScript lectures this is going to be a must-have. # 4:38 pm

HTML 5 vs. Yadis. The draft HTML5 spec currently disallows values for http-equiv and link rel which aren’t listed in the spec—meaning both methods of specifying a link to an OpenID server are invalid for HTML5. This should probably be fixed... # 4:35 pm

I’ve become increasingly convinced that what CEOs should be crying out for is not more innovation but fewer self-imposed obstacles.

Simon Wardley # 4:26 pm

Mibbit (via) Excellent web-based IRC client, should be great for when pesky firewalls get in the way. Also a good candidate for use with a site-specific browser. # 3:53 pm

PayPal Plans to Ban Unsafe Browsers. At first I thought they were going to encourage real anti-phishing features in browsers, which would be a big win for OpenID... but it turns out they’re just requiring EV SSL certificates which have been proven not to actually work. # 10:45 am

Cluetrainwreck. Comcast’s official Twitter account is pretty creepy... “I hope we can change your perception of Comcast!”. # 8 am

Quotation search in Google News (via) Extremely impressive application of (I suppose) natural language processing in Google News—it now extracts quotations from news stories, even handling things like “he said” and “she said” and resolving them back to the speaker. # 7:22 am

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