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Saturday, 12th April 2008

Multiple inheritance of newforms and modelforms. If you ever see “Error when calling the metaclass bases metaclass conflict: the metaclass of a derived class must be a (non-strict) subclass of the metaclasses of all its bases” when trying multiple inheritance with newforms and modelforms, here’s a scary solution I found. # 12:54 pm

CSRF presentation at RSA 2008. It terrifies me how few people understand CSRF, years after it was discovered. I’ll say it again: if you’re a web developer and you don’t know what that acronym means, go spend an hour reading about it—because the chances are your applications are vulnerable. # 10:52 am

Sharedance (via) “Sharedance is a high-performance server that centralize ephemeral key/data pairs on remote hosts, without the overhead and the complexity of an SQL database.”—ideally suited to session data, which is a poor fit for a full relational database. # 10:39 am

Active on IRC in the past hour. New Django People feature in collaboration with Brian Rosner—DjangoBot now provides information on currently active IRC participants. There’s an opt-out privacy control and the bot sends you a message about it the first time it logs your activity. # 12:58 am

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