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Comcast: Twitter Has Changed The Culture Of Our Company. “Frank Eliason (@Comcastcares on Twitter) now has 11 people working under him simply to respond to information about Comcast being broadcast on Twitter.”

# 21st October 2009, 9:56 am / comcast, frank-eliason, twitter

Plaxo sees 92% success rate with OpenID/OAuth hybrid method. Really wish I could have been at the OpenID UX Summit hosted by Facebook yesterday—sounds like an awful lot of important problems are being solved.

# 11th February 2009, 5:20 pm / comcast, facebook, google, openid, plaxo


Cluetrainwreck. Comcast’s official Twitter account is pretty creepy... “I hope we can change your perception of Comcast!”.

# 19th April 2008, 8 am / charles-miller, cluetrain, comcast, pr, twitter