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Sunday, 16th January 2005

A Mac-to-PC switcher movie (via) Yet Another Parody, but this one made me chuckle. # 11:08 pm

Corrupt Techniques in Evidence Presentations (via) A new chapter from Edward Tufte’s Beautiful Evidence. # 11:02 pm

Internet Explorer drops support for bookmarklets? Latest patch prevents drag-n-drop to toolbar. # 9:12 pm

I need a new backpack

I’m a big fan of for this kind of thing, because it lets you pick the model of your laptop and then tells you which bags it will fit in. I bought a bag from there last year and the e-commerce / delivery side of things was flawless.

[... 62 words]

BBC—Comedy—Armando Iannucci. Finally, news on a DVD of “The Armando Iannucci Show”. # 1:03 am

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