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Wednesday, 5th January 2005

Forget about Google Suggest; if you want to see some really impressive dynamic web content go and have a play with It uses XMLHttpRequest and a bunch of other tricks to let you smoothly pan and zoom over an enormous and detailed map of Switzerland, based on satelite photos (so you can zoom right in to individual streets and see the houses). Even better, it supports hackable URLs letting you link directly to cities or even street addresses.

[... 166 words] Launch. Technical blog entry about the awesome # 9:26 pm

ASCIIMathML.js. Translating ASCII math notation to Presentation MathML. # 6:04 pm

XOM Design Principles. Excellent guidelines for any API design. # 6:04 pm (via) Unbelievably slick XMLHttpRequest powered map interface. # 5:59 pm

The Urinals of the Millennium Dome (via) I’ve long been telling people that these were the highlight of my visit to the dome. # 5:26 pm

Introducing mod_parrot. One Apache module for all the Parrot languages. # 1:04 pm

Google Search: inurl:“MultiCameraFrame?Mode=” (via) Unsecured webcams, another Google Hack. # 11:49 am

The Cultural Divide Between LiveJournal and Six Apart. Commentary on the rumoured Six Apart purchase of LiveJournal. # 11:46 am

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