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Thursday, 6th January 2005

Photos from my Christmas in France. Including my dad’s beautiful new horses.

# 1:57 am

Big news... Six Apart and LiveJournal! (via) Brad’s post on the buy-out, with a detailed FAQ.

# 12:38 pm

Gate’s Computer Crashes at CES. Sweet, sweet schadenfreude.

# 2:13 pm

InfoWorld: Year of the enterprise Wiki (via) Wikis for business collaboration make a whole ton of sense.

# 4:42 pm

SxSW 2005: Confirmed Speakers. Whoa! It’s like an A-Z of cool people I’d like to meet.

# 5:20 pm

CSS: Mark-up guides. A smart way of reducing the CSS maintainability problem.

# 9:04 pm

Truth and Bill Gates (via) Dan Gillmor’s outstanding response to the recent Bill Gates interview.

# 11:45 pm

Dan Gillmor on Grassroots Journalism. Dan’s on fire! A subscription to this blog is strongly recommended.

# 11:52 pm

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